Foreign investors

– Through the years of presence on domestic market in design and development, construction, furniture production, finishing works and product placement we have obtained significant knowledge and experience which is on disposal for all foreign investors targeting Serbia and Belgrade in particular. – Consulting which provides information and support in all areas of urban and commercial development. – Step by step guidance is offered throughout the process. – Whether it is just a plan to consider or a goal to achieve the advisors are important factor to channel ideas and visions. That is the area we excel at. – Financially – full transparency and safe environment working towards saving resources while making sure quality levels and time frames are fulfilled. – Safe place for your investment. – We are the only company in Serbia at the moment with bill issuing for each and every service given. Since our company started as a merging group of workers and specialists from various fields of production and construction our mutual experience is enormous. Combine that with working and cooperating with each and every company or supplier in Serbia and what concludes is vast knowledge and insight in markets principles and practices. The roads we have passed weren’t paved. From the beginning there was least amount of advisors and people willing to help us grow. Instead we had to make an extra effort in order to succeed. And that in particular was driving force that kept us all these years. Give a good advice, point investors in the right direction, save money, never give up on the quality. And it was appreciated by many satisfied customers. It enabled us to be present on the market without any advertising for years. Today our services are used by EU citizens mostly and several Middle Eastern investors wanting the best in all aspects of interior works and real estate development. And above all else their finances protected and well placed. What we do offer is well thought steps towards defining the investment, precise description of necessary actions and time needed. Real time feedback, daily reports and stage by stage assessment of funds and means. We are proud stating our ventures completed have never surpassed 5% of total funds predicted. Our professionals are available for creating architectural and interior design project documentation, exterior and interior finishing works, furniture design and production, installation works and much, much more. Besides that we are fully committed towards obtaining as well as various necessary elements needed and also engaging subcontractors for particular job’s completion. A lot can be said about us but let the work speak for itself. Please do contact us if considering renovations, moving, building and equipping residential or business space, either in Serbia or surrounding countries.