Primary assignment of interior design is visual and functional maximization of space. Whether it is residential, business or recreational, projects are of utmost importance to define areas, function and to predict and solve potential problems in advance as much as possible. It is a complex and somewhat difficult process divided in several stages:


Defining the assignment considering all the suggestions of the customer and purpose of the facility or space.

Blending functionality and style into precise budget.

Analysis of different tasks necessary to prepare, execute and finish the project.


Upon measurements are taken and situation inspected there are plenty of solution suggestions and layouts made to come to final idea. On occasions presence of the customer is necessary to agree upon ideas and conclude on the appearance of things being worked on.

After we have agreed on important items it is possible to continue to the next stage which is…


At this particular stage all things defined are translated into sketches, drawings and 3-dimensional presentations to be able to present full layout and materialization. For the first time customer can see entire space, with elements and details.

At this stage there is an analysis of total costs and alternatives are being presented and considered in order to come to final cost of the build.


After agreeing on all necessary elements detailed design is being made.

At this stage all details are translated into blueprints for execution on site. All installations are defined- water, wastewater, electric and cooling and heating and placed accordingly.

Precise layout of ceramic tiles, wooden floors and plaster walls is made with attention to every little detail. Special attention is given to connective surfaces- walls to floor, walls to ceiling, wall to wall.

Obligation of the designers is to prepare specific technical drawings and 3D projections for each and every activity.

During this stage activities are prioritized and timeline defined.

Choices of appropriate technologies and construction and finishing methods are made, work tasks at site and precedence relationships among activities are defined.